Traditionally, committed capital refers to an amount of money that an investor has agreed to contribute to an investment fund. In most cases the money is passive. In other words, it’s capital entrusted to managing partners in a venture or private equity fund to invest on the limited partners behalf.

This is not how we see committed capital.

Committed Capital should be

1. Conflict-free
2. Informed
3. Candid
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Conflict Free

We Work For You, Without Conflicts

We are committing our own capital, not other people’s.

This means we are free from the conflicting obligations that come from investing on behalf of others.

Our focus is you, it's that simple.

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More than the capital

We learn how you operate and how you want to.

We strive to deeply understand your business, so that we appreciate the nuances of the challenges you face.

And we always bring our collective, cross-functional experience to bear when you need us.

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The Voice you need to hear

Above all, we will always shoot you straight and provide radical candor when you need it most.

We’re that additional co-founder you always wish you had.

We started Perkins Cove Partners to help founders achieve their vision.

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